I am Néhémie Dias,
Art Director and
Motion Designer.



2022    –––––––––––––––––––    2024

“Privacy by default”

––––– Proton brand tagline

As a visual and motion designer at Proton, my role mainly consisted of crafting impactful motion designs for rebranding, product launches, and web animations, all reflecting the brand's commitment to security and transparency. During my tenure at Proton, I also led brand direction initiatives to shape Proton’s identity and engage its audience. Additionally, I established cohesive motion guidelines, ensuring visual consistency across platforms, and led the conceptualization of new Proton product logos, integrating innovative features with the brand identity. I am glad these efforts contributed to Proton's mission of building a better internet where privacy is the default.



2017    –––––––––––––––––––    2022

“Here to create”

––––– adidas strategy slogan

Working as an Art Director, my main tasks were to define visual styles and concepts for marketing campaigns & photoshoots, as well as providing guidance to the Brand Design team by aligning Runtastic to the adidas brand, creating guidelines/toolkits and improving workflows/processes.
Over the past few years, I’ve worked on campaigns such as United Nations x Run Wild, NASA x Space Race, Run for the Oceans etc… to guide users of the adidas apps towards a healthy lifestyle, as well as, promoting sustainability topics to raise awareness about our planet's condition.
I previously worked as a Brand Designer, creating graphics for various marketing channels before taking part in the rebranding of Runtastic to visually emphasise its connection to adidas.



2012    –––––––––––––––––––    now

“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make it vital and worth living.”

––––– Martha Graham

This page showcases a series of motion projects developed throughout my professional journey. I derive great satisfaction from the creative freedom inherent in motion design, thereby fully engaging in video production across all stages of the creative process: conceptualization, storyboarding/sketching, art direction, design/illustration, animation, compositing, video editing, incorporation of music/sound effects, occasionally extending to voice-over recording.
This section includes as well videos from other project pages.
While most videos are the product of independent creation, select endeavors have been collaborative in nature; descriptions below the videos offer additional insights into their creation process.



2015    –––––––––––––––––––    2016

“In the beginning…”

––––– Genesis 1:1

The emergence of the digital era leads to significant cultural, social and technological evolutions, while offering a wide range of innovative tools. Nevertheless, we find that religions are struggling to adapt to this new era. This is especially true for Christianity in France.
The associative project Genèse aims to meet the specific creative & design needs of Christian organisations while understanding their beliefs and values. This project is the case study of my Design Master Thesis at e-artsup about the Communication of Christianity in the digital era. Based on my research, I conceptualised and created the art direction & branding of the association, the interactive web design, web development (HTML/CSS/JS) and the Motion Design video. As it is a showcase, it also includes 5 design projects I executed for clients of the Christian sphere, thus, it is as well as a portfolio on its own.



2011    –––––––––––––––––––    2016

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”

––––– Criss Jami

Throughout my studies and professional experiences, I have created various visual projects that I have compiled in this section.
Some of these projects are fictional or experimental, aimed at exploring creative concepts and crafting unique artworks. Some were created for clients while I worked as a freelancer.
These projects encompass a wide range of graphic areas, including branding, illustration, drawing, game design, interactive design, infographics, and web design. I have also included a few hand drawings and a 'graphic lab' showcasing visual experimentations.
More detailed information about each project can be found within the section.



Honors & awards:

Awwwards Honors
- 12/06/2020
Orpetron Appreciation
- 25/10/2021

Shorty Award - Audience Honor in Brand Redesign
- 03/05/2020
Shorty Award - Finalist - Run for the Oceans campaign
- 15/11/2019

“You have to be in a state of play to design.”

––––– Paula Scher

Since my childhood, the playfulness of the creative process has guided my path: creating is indeed my way of feeling alive and being fulfilled.

I became an art director and motion designer passionate about story-telling across multiple media and platforms: video, image, web, graphic content, digital marketing campaigns...
I am specialised in the development of creative strategies, formulating concepts and turning them into visual content.

With 9+ years of experience working at global brands, design agencies or as freelancer, I have developed brand identities, created digital & interactive experiences and supported design teams with creative guidance.

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