Coming from the latin words Ignis Fidei, (literally Fire of the Faith), the brand takes its roots into Historical/Biblical stories and mythologies to offer a contemporary reinterpretation of the written past. The creative act, symbolised by the fire, is reviving and awakening the faith that can be found in those stories.
The brand establishes this connexion visually with a traditionnal blackletter font, while providing a strong identity, matching its experimental music genre at the frontier between Electro, Metal and Hip-hop.

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This song is based on the Nicodemus and Lazarus stories. It is about rebirth: breaking the laws of physics and rationnality to find life. It is musically represented with the strong split between verses and chorus.
To visually express this concept, I illustrated the character of Nicodemus finding life, symbolised by the plant in him, while the cycle of life goes on (green gauge rotation). Lazarus is also present with the stripes that are removed when he finds life.

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This song is inspired by the story of David and Goliath. It portrays musically the heart of a true warrior: how determination combined with faith can be stronger than physical strength.
The song is strongly rhythmic and contrasted to highlight the battle aspect of the story.
To reprensent this theme visually, I chose the stop-motion technique to play around the Renaissance sculpture of David (Michelangelo), which is famous for the warning glare of the character’s eyes, ready to face the giant.

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As the project is still in development, new assets will be created in the future, such as Instagram page branding & content, web page, merchandising (T-shirt, stickers...), artworks, new songs and videos etc... Stay tuned!

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