Creator of expertise, Dewalles works in the purest tradition of jewelery. To highlight these jewel creations, I was called to design a minimalist, classy and luxury logo and look for the brand. I worked on this project as a freelancer next to my studies: it was, therefore, for a real client.

jewelry1-img jewelry2-img
jewelry3-img jewelry4-img


Escape is a prototype puzzle reflexion game, developed with Unity 3D in partnership with the Epitech Computing school. The goal of the game is to send the ball from one pipeline to another by placing the inventory blocks on the playing area. Touching the light will change the state of the blocks but also open the exit pipe! My part in the project: concept creation, visual and sound design identity (level design, graphic design, textures creation, wireframing and menu design, sound effects ...)

escape1-img escape2-img escape3-img escape4-img escape5-img



The Tasty Bus is a branding project for a London-style bus restaurant serving English specialties such as cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, shakes, teas and coffees of all kinds ... The food can be take out or eat-in directly inside the bus during its stops. Clients can also enjoy eating and travelling around the city between the bus stops. Indeed, the bus makes a tour in town to satisfy everyone!

tasty1-img tasty2-img tasty3-img tasty4-img tasty5-img tasty6-img



The Green Growth Knowledge Partnership (GGKP) is an United nations (UN) initiative promoting clean agriculture practices globally. GGKP tasked me to research and create a concept and mood board for their FARM brand identity, The design brief emphasizes the need for a practical, welcoming brand identity targeting various stakeholders in the farming industry, as well as, investors.
My proposed concept prioritizes authenticity, using on-field photographs and a color palette inspired by nature. The logotype symbolises elegantly the flourishing impact of the financial investment into the programme, with adaptable variations for specific project locations. Typography and iconography choices aim for clarity and international recognition, enhancing the program's visual identity across diverse audiences.

ggkp1-img ggkp2-img ggkp3-img ggkp4-img



The visual identity created for this exhibition is a contemporary reinterpretation of the oil painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer. The typography composition illustrates the powerful movement in the girl's gaze, which seems to fix the viewer regardless of the angle of view. The fusion mode on the typography emphasize the light mastery of the artist in this painting. The two colors blue / yellow represent the colors dominance of the original work.

vermeer2-img vermeer3-img vermeer4-img



Artisans de Genève tasked me to create a visually captivating booklet that showcases their craftsmanship and services. Through meticulous attention to detail in layout, typography and color, I aimed to evoke curiosity and desire while providing clear and engaging information about their workshop, services, and contact details. The booklet's elegant finish and thoughtful use of complementary colors reflect the brand's dedication to quality and excellence.

artisans1-img artisans2-img artisans3-img artisans4-img



Choose Your Life (CYL) is a fictional streetwear clothing brand such as G-Star RAW or RG 512. Its identity, based around the reversed crown, is a state of mind for the consumers, who show their opposition to the fashion standards and go against the established rules. The baseline "REVERSE THE CROWN" illustrates well this idea to appropriate the brand, to be part of its values.

cyl1-img cyl2-img cyl3-img cyl4-img cyl5-img



Partnering with a developer on this game, I designed the visual identity for the project. This game, composed of animated vector illustrations, is a tribute to Tomi Ungerer's work. While keeping the story of his famous book "The Three Robbers", this game transposes the medieval universe of the book into a futuristic world. By adapting his universe to a futuristic era, the goal is to highlight the strength of it : the Ungerer universe is indeed recognizable whatever the era and remains still modern graphically speaking. It is also a way to pay tribute to it with today's creative techniques, through the vectorial style and interactivity, symbol of our digital revolution.

ungerer1-img ungerer2-img ungerer3-img ungerer4-img ungerer5-img ungerer6-img ungerer7-img ungerer8-img



This character was designed and animated for a video game. Jet is named after his ability to surf with a flying skate to escape from his original virtual world. Taking advantage of his freedom, he then developed a passion for music and urban culture. His cube, a technological prodigy designed by himself, gives him the power to memorize the sounds that surround him and to spread waves. Teleporting from virtual universe to another thanks to the sound waves, Jet will not let anyone stands in his way.

jet2-img jet3-img jet4-img jet5-img jet6-img jet7-img



This tablet prototype application gives children the possibility to create their own story of the little flame, as well as interacting with natural elements (clouds, wind, rain...) which it is confronted. This application is linked to a book : that is to say, children can make the scenario evolve by following the book indications while reading. By becoming an actor in the life cycle through the symbol of the flame, the child assimiltates more easily the message that the book brings. Children can then play again and create other scenarios, according to their imagination...

flamme2-img flamme3-img flamme4-img flamme5-img


My education included a variety of drawing courses such as outdoor sketches, illustration, observation drawing, perspective, model drawing. I collected some of my artwork to give an overview of those disciplines.

drawing1-img drawing2-img drawing3-img drawing4-img drawing5-img drawing6-img drawing7-img drawing8-img drawing9-img drawing10-img drawing11-img drawing12-img



Last but not least, a collection of "one shot" projects that I created to experiment visually.

graphic-lab1-img graphic-lab2-img graphic-lab2-mobile-img graphic-lab3-img graphic-lab4-img graphic-lab5-img graphic-lab6-img graphic-lab7-img graphic-lab8-img graphic-lab9-img graphic-lab10-img graphic-lab11-img graphic-lab12-img graphic-lab13-img graphic-lab14-img graphic-lab15-img graphic-lab16-img graphic-lab17-img graphic-lab18-img graphic-lab19-img graphic-lab20-img graphic-lab21-img graphic-lab22-img graphic-lab23-img graphic-lab24-img graphic-lab25-img graphic-lab26-img graphic-lab27-img graphic-lab28-img graphic-lab29-img