In the pursuit of advancing the Proton Brand's identity, I co-led a collaborative effort to delve into brand direction explorations. This project involved various visual experimentation with several design elements such as particles, patterns, and encryption, aimed at infusing the brand with a tangible, relatable, and contemporary essence. Through a strategic blend of project management and creative ideation, I crafted multiple designs to reflect Proton's core values and resonate with its target audience. Furthermore, the culmination of this work was presented to key stakeholders, including the CMO and Head of Brand, fostering a shared vision for the brand's evolution and growth.

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In 2022, Proton started a new design journey to better serve the community with exceptional products and an attractive brand. To showcase this rebranding and its achievements, I was entrusted with the creation of an impactful motion design. The scope of my work spanned the entire project lifecycle, including script development, storyboarding, illustrating, animating, editing and integrating sound elements. I have also created a Behance page on behalf of the Design team to showcase the rebranding.

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To visually represent Proton's values of security, privacy, and transparency, I was tasked to create a set of motion animation signatures. Each product has its own signature that's consistent with the rest of the Proton ecosystem. Through cognitive design, it is emphasized that you’re choosing to protect your digital life by choosing Proton. I have also created a Behance page on behalf of the Design team to showcase the motion signatures.

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I was tasked with producing a compelling motion design to introduce the features and benefits of the password manager, Proton Pass, for its launch. This project involved close collaboration with various stakeholders, including the CEO, to ensure alignment on the script. Subsequently, I took over the creation phase of the video, from storyboarding and illustrating to animation. External support was enlisted for the inclusion of sound elements.

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In crafting web animations for, my focus was to add interactivity and life to the website in a meaningful way. Each animation was designed to show how the products keep data secure, using visuals like locks and encryption. They also helped users understand how to use the products effectively, turning complex ideas into easy-to-understand visuals. I have used tools like Svgator, Lottie, Rive app, Spline or CSS coding to create impactful web animations that can be easily loaded and played on the web. Those animations aim at making Proton's commitment to privacy and security clear to everyone.

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In response to a need for cohesive visual storytelling, I undertook the challenge of crafting comprehensive motion guidelines. This document serves as the cornerstone for ensuring a harmonious and consistent aesthetic across all the Proton video productions. By meticulously defining parameters such as animation techniques, visual style, pacing, and narrative structure, I established a set of golden rules tailored to the Proton brand identity. Each video is then thoughtfully constructed upon those foundational principles, ensuring visual coherence and compelling narratives for the audience.

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