Here is a collection of some visual styles I created for specific topics such as photo/video shoots or marketing campaigns. The purpose of these assets is to provide a conceptual and visual direction to the design team and project stakeholders to have a meaningful and consistent approach when it comes to graphic creation.

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In collaboration with the United Nations Environnement, Run Wild is a digital running campaign reaching out to adidas Runtastic users around the world, engaging them to compete in their next run session with a real wild snow leopard from Mongolia tracked with GPS.
Run Wild is an innovative sustainability campaign with the goal to create true relationships between humans and endangered wild species. More than 300 000 runners participated in the challenge.
I was responsible for the visual direction of the campaign and the asset creation across all channels (product, marketing, web, social media, blog, emailing...)

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In 2019, as part of the Brand Design team, I took part in the rebranding of the Runtastic brand. The goal was to take the adidas collaboration to the next level by creating a new look to align both brands visually. After 6 months of design research, conception and creation, the new adidas Runtastic identity has emerged. Hundreds of assets were created so I gathered here a few major designs that I have worked on during the rebranding process and I have also included some content that I created for the marketing channels to announce and promote the new brand. The campaign won the “Audience Honor in Brand Redesign” Shorty Award.

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To celebrate the end of an era with the rebranding, I compiled some projects that I have been working with the Brand Design team from 2017 to 2019.
Disclaimer: the video also includes team projects and assets in which other team members where involved in the creating process.




Once every quarter, the entire team gets together to work on ideas that are not necessarily related to everybody’s daily work. Every employee can freely choose whether they want to initiate a project themself or join an idea which looks interesting to them.
I have been asked to create the visual identity for this special recurring day. I scanned analogue footage such as handwritten texts, deformations and ripped textures to highlight the process experimentation: learning from the mistakes, trying something new, sketching and starting over...

doni1-img doni2-img
doni3-img doni4-img



The oceans are at risk: marine plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues in the world today. adidas, Runtastic and Parley for the Oceans have come together to raise awareness.
In 2019, the Run for the oceans app challenge reached 2,2 million participants. adidas contributed $1 for every kilometer that was run, capped at $1.5 million US dollars, to the Parley Ocean School.
My role in the campaign was to create all needed graphic assets for the Runtastic channels (in-app, app store, messaging, blog, social media, marketing etc...) based on the visual style defined by adidas.

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At the beginning of 2019, I was in charge of the Wine & Design project, which was a showcase exhibition of the Brand Design team’s work. To catch the eye of the viewer at the entrance of the event, I set-up an animation of physical posters with video projection. Every team member had created a poster for the event. I recorded a timelapse displaying the creative process of my poster to provide insights on Design workflows.




Last but not least, a collection of various “one shot” projects that I created for multiple channels: product, content marketing, customer relation management, campaigns etc...

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